August 31, 2011

La NomRah Eco-Living: Smoothie Love

Hello my beautiful people!!!

It's been a while! I hope everyone has enjoyed the summer as it is already AUGUST 31st!!! (where the freak the did the time go?) And I hope that you all survived Irene in good health - mind, body, and soul.

As you know, many day's this summer have been as hot as Satan's butt crack. One of my go to beverages to beat the heat is a smoothie! I love smoothies because:
- they are easy to make
- with the right boost(s) e.g. protein, bee pollen, spirulina, wheat grass etc., a smoothie can sub a meal.
- you can make them to your hearts desire. lactose free or not, and you can put damn near any fruit or vegetable in the blender/ juicer.
- you can be as adventurous as you want to be.
- it's a great way to get rid of over ripe fruit. (no one actually likes a mushy banana, do they?)

To make my smoothies I use a regular 4 speed blender. You know the ones with options like Chop, Stir, Food processor and Ice ____. The labels vary, but the point is you don't have to get fancy shmancy.

Today my smoothie consisted of:
- 2 bananas
- 3 strawberries. Weird, I know, but these were the ones that needed to be used... plus I had
- half pint of blueberries
- 1 sour ass orange. juicy, but too sour to eat.
- 1.5 handfuls of spinach. I have small hands :-S ... like really really small hands... and I don't do well with measuring utensils becasue I never feel like the amount is right. So use your discretion.
- 6 - 8 Ice cubes

Non Dairy option:
Sweeten to taste with Agave, Honey, or your fave sugar free syrup.

Dairy Option: 
- Plain Greek yogurt. My brand of choice is Fage... the others taste weird to me but try 'em out. I usually add about 3 large dollops from a table spoon into the mix and blend. This may be excessive for some but when I go dairy, I go hard. Also with this much yogurt this recipe can make about 3-4+ servings. I do this on days when this smoothie is about all I plan to consume through out the day.

- I am not ashamed to say that I also add Vanilla flavored coffee creamer to this mix to kick it up a notch. You can go with the kind with Splenda if you are worried about zee sugar (International Delight, Coffee Mate & Bailey's Coffee Creamers are my current drug....I mean Creamers of choice)
- Ginger is God's gift to the smoothie lover who can't live without a spicy kick in everything they consume. You probably want to deal with the ginger separately (grate or blend) separately... unless you are cool with the pith and ginger fibre. I personally don't mind it... or I'm often too lazy (PC version: pressed for time) to give ginger any special treatment.

Try freezing your berries before use. It reduces the number of ice cube's you'll need for the same chill. And your smoothie will be smooooother. lol.

Add your fave boost to the mix and there goes your meal!

Glass jars are excellent for storing the unused portion of your smoothie until you get around to nomnomnom-ing it down! They are also great for serving... they add some character to your treat. SO save your next glass jar from your spaghetti sauce, mayonnaise or bouillon paste - wash it clean and VOILA!!!

August 11, 2011

La NomRah Update

Hi lovers,

It's been a while but if you have connected with La NomRah via another social platform you probably know that I have been updating the shop. It's been a slow process... well slower than I would like. This is partly due to my imagination running off into the sunset, in search of a story about each piece I make.

So new in the Shop is... The Exes, an eco friendly necklace that can be worn at least 6 ways!!! O_O .... I know! Amazing right? lol. 

The Exes Necklace is hardly about your last love interest, unless a vertex broke your heart. Looking at this pendant one should feel as though you have been sucked into a vortex, and transported through a whirlwind of angular particles of colorful other-worldly elements! Of course, if you feel none of these things it's quite alright. No pressure!
Large neon green triangles, red triangles, and thin orange obelisk shapes are layered a top a back ground of black & white.
This necklace is one from my line of Conversible neckwear. It won't talk back but it WILL start a conversation :) The necklace can be worn at varied lengths AND it can be reversed to be worn on the other side. It's like 6 necklaces in 1!
It is also designed to be worn at three lengths (as seen in the photo), however you can hook the clasp into any link on the chain to achieve your desired length.
There are loops/jump rings on the The Exes which allow you to pass the chain through them to double the chain, or pass it across the top of the pendant to clasp it on the other side, or just wear it long.
The sample in the photo has a black & white overlay design on the BACK. You may change these color options at no cost if you like. Available colors: white, black, grey, purple, turquoise, red, royal blue, orange, teal just to name a few. 


and The Exes earrings:

I don't wear the earrings and chain at the same time because they are both so bold and make a statement., but no reason why you can't :-).

Some people don't care about the "theatrics" behind the creating but I hope that some people do. I always like to read either a bit of history about an artist or his/her process, a history of the work, a glimpse into the artist's mind or a behind the scenes.

How about you? Are you more inclined to fall in love with something if there is a story, or a behind-the-scenes glimpse??

July 11, 2011


It's summer ladies & gents!

And to help you enjoy the beautiful weather... we're having a sale!!! Use the code SUMMER at checkout and get 20% off any purchase. Sale ends 7/18. A great chance to stock up on your faves & those goodies you've been eyeballing lol.

Take a gander at the ETSY boutique.

June 30, 2011

And the Winner is: Kush Stud Giveaway!

Thank you to all who entered the giveaway! This was my first giveaway and it was of course a learning experience, but I am also happy to be able to give you (my inspiration, motivation & support) something. I hope to be doing more of these in the future so stay tuned.

A complete entry for this giveaway consisted of :
1. Following this blog (via Google or networked blogs)
2. Following @LaNomRah on twitter
3. Tweeting the following phrase: I just entered to win Ecofriendly Jewelry from @LaNomRah Designs here ->

For an extra entry you "Liked" the FB page &/or commented on the fb page.

Your twitter names (or some version thereof) were entered into a random selection tool. (Contrary to what the pic says, you are not a thing... unless that is to say that you are a thing of beauty)

So.. without further ado, the winner of the Giveaway is.....

Congratulations! Contact withing 48hrs with your color choice, name & shipping address.

For all You lovely ladies who entered , I'll be offering you 20% off your next purchase! When you order through Etsy or the contact form here: ( please include your twitter name so that I know it is you!

Once again, Thank you!

Peace & Love,

June 29, 2011

Reasons: The Earth Wind & Fire Experience

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Earth, Wind & Fire live in Concert at the Beacon Theatre on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

They. Were. Awesome.

The group is now celebrating 40 years in the business and let me tell you, it shows (in a good way)! Three original members from the group performed (Philip Bailey - vocals & various percussion; Verdine White - Bass & Ralph Johnson - vocals & various percussion) along with a band of equally supremely talented instrumentalists and vocalists. I was impressed. Not just with the three OG's but the supporting cast of the band. Every single one of them killed their solos (as they should have).
Taken from

No opening acts. No intermission. Just 2 hours of pure funky R&B fantastical-ness. Can we just talk about how Philip Bailey's voice is still so flawless? Verdine White's energy on the Bass is insane... and his mini strip tease at the end of the show was the kind of thing you just can't make up. Did I also mention that he was wearing one of his very bedazzled and be-tassled jeans from the 70's? Awesome sauce, I know.

They rocked it! By the last few songs the entire audience was on their feet and jamming... hard!

This wasn't really supposed to be a review post (still isn't). But I did have a few thoughts to share from this experience:

  • With out EWF alot of these acts calling themselves artists would have nothing to live up to. This group has won 6 Grammy's, is a Rock & Roll Hall of  Fame Inductee & have numerous multi-platinum albums. I mean, the proof is in the pudding.
  • EWF music is what love sounds like. Have you heard the chord changes, cadences, riffs of the bass & harmony in the vocals? If that ain't what love sounds like... maaaaan shoot.
  • I was in the balcony, and V. White's Forehead was bouncing some serious light off it. He gave me hope that my big, shiny forehead will be welcome along on my journey to greatness.
  • If you are planning on dating a white guy (or any race for that matter) in the future, EWF can help you in the process. See, I was observing my fellow concert goers and everybody up in there had rhythm! So I'd say if the next guy you plan to date (of a race stereotyped for lack of rhythm (yes I am aware I am playing into the stereotype by saying this)) find out whether or not he listens to and enjoys EWF. If he does, this is like a 99.9% indication that he will not be an embarrassment at the company party.
  • The person who wins my heart must appreciate the beauty in music like EWF, and be more than willing to share in the experience with me.
Remember: Shine your light so you can see what your life can truly be!

Peace & Love 

June 28, 2011


Peace & Love beautiful people!

What's going on? I hope that peace, love, & prosperity are raining down on you all day every day!

I've recently been struck with feather mania! And this thing sure beats the flu :-) It's summer & I'm a girl from the tropics so the vibrant colors are reminders of where I grew up. They make me happy about my history and remind how blessed I was to have had the upbringing that I had.

Crisp blues like the Caribbean ocean, electric pinks & reds like the flowers, bright yellows like the inside of a ripe golden apple or skin of a hog plum... annnd now I'm fiending for some island fruit. :-)

I was inspired to make some dainty & colorful feather earrings. Not too over the top but perfect for a weekend look or to add a lil bohemian or island girl essence to an outfit. Just added these to the Etsy boutique.

And a sneak peak at some that I will be adding soon:

So what do you think, lovers?

June 23, 2011

MzChellesoul reviews La NomRah on You Tube

Good morning!

MzChellesoul... a new addition to YouTube recently reviewed her purchase from La NomRah Designs in a video.

She purchased our Man Down Earlace last month :-)

Thank you to MzChellesoul for showing us love & support! She reviews us around the 3:15 mark. Click through to give her some views & feedback.

Peace & Love!

June 20, 2011

All Hail the Jilly from Philly: New Album Listening

You may have heard that Jill Scott's album drops tomorrow... maybe not. Well one of my besties dropped this link on my fb wall a few days ago and I just recently got around to listening. I recommend that you enjoy listening to this magnificence.

If all you have is a few minutes to play around with, listen to the first track to get your mind right for the day!



Peace & Love!

June 19, 2011


Peace & Love beautiful people!

Let's get going!!!

Today I am sponsoring my my first blog/twitter giveaway! I'll be giving away a pair of one of our best selling designs: the Ecofriendly Kush Studs

The winner will also be able to customize the studs to his/her color preference (pic 2 is an example). The studs can be worn 2 ways (pic 3 & 4). 

I love these earrings in black & white (classic deco) but I also love how fun a pair with different colors can be!



So here is how you can enter:
1. You must be following this blog (via Google or networked blogs)
2. You must be a follower of @LaNomRah on twitter
3. You must tweet the following phrase: I just entered to win Ecofriendly Jewelry from @LaNomRah Designs here ->

- For an extra entry, "Like" the La NomRah Designs FB page & leave a comment on the facebook page to let us know.

The giveaway will end on Wednesday June 29, 2011 at 11:59 pm.

The winner will be announced on Thursday June 30, 2011 at Midday via twitter, blog & FB. Once the winner is announced he/she will have 48 hours to contact us at with the following information:

Name, Contact email, Shipping Address.

Eazy Peezy Lemon Squeezy!


N.B: Not in the US? That's ok! Feel free to enter, I'll ship it right to ya!


We'd just like to wish all the fathers a Happy Father's Day! Also all the men who have chosen to step up to the plate and take care of, nurture, influence, or be a positive role model to a child or children who may not be biologically theirs.

It really does take a village, and we salute the men in the village for accepting that responsibility.

For me, those men were my grandfathers & my uncles, and I am sincerely & forever grateful for them!

This beautiful song, Your Joy by Chrisette Michele is dedicated to all of you.

Peace & Love

April 11, 2011


Hi Lovers!

I was tweeting a few minutes ago when this (and another) blog post came to me. I am 9 months into what is now La NomRah Designs... a long way to go, but I've come far from the sub-par jewelry I started out making. I say subpar because besides obviously not knowing what in the world I was doing...well, I didn't know what I was doing! lol. I lacked proper materials, so I did what I could with what I had. Also the pieces weren't necessarily my aesthetic... as a creator/artist you have to be able to stand behind and stand up for your art.
blurry pictures

poor teddy never stood a chance:(  

But the positive side is that was time well spent learning & improving on techniques and skill.

Needless to say I believe I have found my niche with the type of ecofriendly accessories I design. I feel great about this. Why? A few months back, someone who was to become a dear friend and mentor of sorts argued with me that life is that much easier when you know what your goal/purpose/desires are. I argued that that may be true but sometimes it is about the jewels along the journey, and the journey has the ability to grow organically into the path that leads to the destination/goal. 

Well that may be true but I'm not afraid to say that he was right. Maybe we both are correct, but it goes without saying that with a goal/purpose in mind, the lessons along the way could become that much more useful because you begin to apply them in a focused and purposeful way. You integrate it into your journey as a matter of development, and progress toward your goal.

La NomRah has a long way to go but I know where I want to take her

April 5, 2011

La NomRah Lessons

As per my post on gaining direction (here), lessons/mistakes are like the traffic cones and roadsigns of gaining direction. Like I said before I am yet to reach my goal! However I thought I'd share a few of the jewels that I got along the way and tag them La NomRah Lessons here and #lanomrahlessons on twitter. So here goes.

  • Patience is Key! Rome wasn't built in a day, and your business or goal won't be either (unless you have tapped into some super human power that we could all benefit from knowing about). I have a tendency to be patient & understanding with others and take the opposite approaches toward myself and my efforts. No bueno! Some things take time, there will be lulls and spurts. Bottom line: Don't be in a rush to go somewhere you are not prepared to be.
  • Have a vision & believe in it! For a while I was just doing things for the hell of it, and while those things gave me experience and helped improve my skills, I had no idea what I really wanted to do with them. Once I realized I was onto something my compass got a little direction but was still a bit unsure and wavering. After reading The Secret and now The Master-Key to Riches (TMKTR), I've learnt how to give power to what I by using concrete techniques like visualization. When you begin to see/feel/hear/taste yourself in the success there is nothing anyone can do or say to take your desire away from you. Bottom line: If you don't believe in what you want and do something about it, no one else will.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people/ people who believe in you. A quote from TMTKR says it best: 
"The discriminating person who has a definite [. . .] purpose in life chooses with great care the types of minds with whom he associates most intimately because he recognizes that he will take on a definite portion of the personality of every person with whom he associates."
If this is true, then wouldn't it make sense to surround oneself with people you can learn from AND people who believe in you? People who encourage objectivity? Why would you not want to take on more of "believing in yourself"? Bottom line: Socialize in a hive of positive energy.
  • Never make guarantees based on variables over which you have no control. A valuable lesson! I guaranteed a client that her purchase (shipped on a Monday) would arrive in time for a Saturday wedding when shipped Priority mail (2-3 days) (within the same state no less). I was wrong. Despite my past experience with Priority Shipping and on time arrival, I have no guarantee that when they say 3 days, the package won't end up sitting in a sorting facility for 2 extra days. This is a great lesson because it caused me to reflect on other areas of my life where I have based my decisions on an uncertain or unreliable entity; one whose actions or decisions at the end of the day are least concerned (if at all) with my wellness or the wellness of anything important to me. Bottom line: Guarantee based on what you know to be true, i.e. what YOU can/cannot do or what you are willing/unwilling to do. 

April 4, 2011


Good Morning and welcome to Monday Movement!!! Get up get out & do something!

I'll be sponsoring a lovely giveaway on the Onyx Rose Online blog! Onyx Rose Online is a blog celebrating the beauty of wome on color rocking their hair in it's natural form. There are always great product reviews there, and inspirational features of women on the natural journey!

 Follow the link below or click on the post title to go to the page for rules on how to enter.


Peace & Love
La NomRah

March 24, 2011


This is a great article on why underselling is detrimental to you, your business and your peers (Part of this week's Etsy Success reading list).

This is something that I am constantly thinking about. I have already been told that I am underpricing my jewelry because it is so detailed and time intensive to make. I brushed off the observations... until I was approached about wholesaling (for which the formula usually works out to about 50% of your retail price).

Once this happened I realized that many of my items are sorely underpriced. And its' a lesson learned the hard way because now I may have to turn down some wholesale enquiries and stave off pursuing wholesale until I have used a good formula for pricing my jewelry & re-price my jewelry )which will have to be done gradually) if I intend to meet the goals for my business that I have set.

The formula for pricing is supposed to look like: Retail Price = (cost of supplies/materials/findings + appropriate hourly wage) x 2 or 2.5.

My formula right now is based on comparison, a modest hrly wage and a modest price for materials. Which is working out to enough to buy more materials to make more jewelry... NO BUENO!

This woman has bills to pay. And while I am only 8 months into the game and constantly improving my techniques, I also know that my jewelry is unique and totally worth the price that I should be selling it at.

But above all that the phenom of underselling oneself in business, particularly as a female, reflects alot on one's personal life and self concept. And underselling myself in business has caused me to reflect on underselling my self in life, relationships and other parts of my life.

Food for thought from the article:

"It’s true that paying special attention to underselling will mean that you will raise your rates to levels that are uncomfortable to you.
It’s also true that, until you become more comfortable with your life as an entrepreneur and money in general, you will be uncomfortable with your rates no matter how low they are. Selling what you love is hard.
Discomfort is not a good pricing strategy.
Kindness is.
Be kind to yourself, your growing business, your customers, and your colleagues by learning to respect your product & it’s price."

March 10, 2011



Finally got a handle on the reality of shipping rates at usps after shipping to a few countries. So I've added a few more countries to the shipping. If you don't see your country never fear! Just message me!

But an easy way to guage what your shipping would be is to see what is the shipping rate for a country in your geographical area.

E.g. if Barbados Shipping is $4.00 expect to pay the same amount if you reside in another Caribbean country like St. Lucia or Grenada.


*Shipping rates are scheduled to increase in Mid April as of now they don't seem that significant but if any changes need to be made I'll let you know peeps!


Hello & Thank you!

Hey Lovers!

It's been far too long. I hope you are doing well and giving thanks. I also hope you had a chance to cop your own La NomRah goodies during the February sale. If you didn't, no worries there will be more opportunites!

Stay tuned here, follow me on twitter or "Like" La NomRah for info on sales, pop up sales, giveaways, contests etc. I'll be getting the ball rolling with a giveaway pretty soon. More info to come!

I have to say Thank you to:

All My bajan peeps who got in on the very impromptu opportunity to order some La NomRah goodies. I appreciate you and I am looking forward to some photos of you rocking LND.

Every one who has ordered.

My mother, who was very accommodating to me and my bajan customers :-)

Horace who has been spreading the word about La NomRah like a lean mean grassroots PR Machine. Happy Birthday!!!

and last but not least to the team at Bucaleany Clothing Line who has supported me from day 1- from supplies to advice to guidance, it is all immesely appreciated!

February 10, 2011



Love is in the air! Honestly, this is as good a time as any to reflect on how well you have been loving yourself... like actually LOVING YOURSELF.

Have your actions been aligning with your goals? Have you been elevating like you said you would for 2011?

It's also a good time to reflect and appreciate the love in your universe that is being directed towards you. I'm not good at staying in touch, but I keep the people that I care immensely about in positive thought and energy. I pray for them, wish for them, or write something positive in my journal. Sometimes I am fortuante enough to add them to my "Thankful for..." list over and over again.

The past year I have met some really great people, lost touch with some fabulous ones, and rekindled with some lovely ones.

I have also been fortunate enough to have people placed in my life who have supported me, shown me love, given me direction... and I mean it when I say THE MOST UNLIKELY PEOPLE have come through for me. 

Some of them have inspired me from afar, offered words of inspiration, been a refuge for me when things could have been better, and been a mirror for me to see myself more clearly.

So because I have felt so much love I felt like I should share it with you.

February 10 - 17 I will be offering 15% off everything in My Etsy Store. So elevate your ecofriendly fashion steez, treat yourself or a loved one like a queen and get them some ear candy.

Geeks, African goddesses, hipsters, fashionistas... something for everyone.

February 3, 2011

Oh Mr. Sun...

The sun controls everything (deeeeep).  I don't mean it in a solar system, day and night, relation to the moon kind of way.

I mean If the sun doesn't shine I literally cannot get new things into my Etsy boutique.

Because natural light is THE best by which to photograph, if I am not able to get some photos in within that 2 hr window that there is sun coming through my apartment window, I'm essentially screwed.

I respect the sun. As an island girl now stuck in the mire and muck that is the winter, I appreciate the sun. I know what good sun can do for the mind, body and spirit. I'd be lying if I didn't tell you this experience has given me a new found reverence for how connected the universe is even when we don't see it.

Who's ready for summer????

Some Eco-Vert goodies to be added to the boutique soon! mira, mami! mira!

So until I am able to master the assembly of a light box... I submit to the mercy of the sun.

January 19, 2011

How to Recycle a BRA??

Hello eco-friendly fashionistas... and curious onlookers!

This post may be some what controversial for some who do not believe in the reuse of undergarments. Actually it's a very touchy issue everywhere. Here's how the inquiries started for me:

When Haiti suffered the devastating earthquake in January, I was deeply saddened and personally affected. It was a natural disaster that forced me to take inventory of the people I cared about in my life, many of whom happened to be Haitian, with relatives in Haiti.

I watched, paralyzed by shock, concern and confusion as Haiti suffered. And then I watched in frustration as aid efforts went awry. But once the paralysis subsided,  I went to my closet and started yanking things off hangers. Went to my drawers and did a premature Spring cleaning.

Once I had a pile together, I realized there were A LOT of bras in the pile.  Looking at the bras in the pile actually stirred up some feelings in me I didn't know were there. (Besides having to come to grips with the fact that my breast grew...who woulda thunk it). I am an only child, yes, but I grew up in a house that had raised many children prior to me, and we were no Trumps or Huxtables. As such, I was no stranger to hand-me-downs and I had no hang ups about it.

Taken from
But... Pride & Dignity are not qualities exclusive to the rich or well-off.  So besides it being unsanitary to share undergarments, for some people, using already worn undergarments is the marker by which your pride and common decency are measured - whether one is prideful or shameless (and not "shameless" in a good way). Likewise, it may be insulting for someone to include underwear in giveaways or hand-me-downs. Like a slap in the face. And how could it not be? For someone to imply that because one is poor, one should put aside health concerns and the threat of contracting Lord knows what; or that because one is poor one surely could not be clean, or decent, or sensible, or educated enough to know that sharing underwear is just... dirty.... it is the ultimate of insults!

Money can't buy class! And in THAT, one can be rich regardless of socio-economic situation

On the flipside, I also believe that poverty is the mother of all invention and innovation. It is also a good teacher in being conscious of waste. You simply cannot. Afford. To. Waste. Especially when the prospects to replenish recources are not forthcoming or readily available. I have fond memories of my grandmother chopping my pencils in half the night before the first day of school. My little self crying out "WHHHHYYYYY!" on the inside. Going to school bright and early Monday morning excited! And then embarassed to reveal my newly maimed and butchered writing utensil. But then a little part of me would also be quite disturbed to find my classmates were discarding half of their intact  pencils just because the eraser was done; I would just be moving on to the eraser-ful half of my butchered pencil. We weren't ridiculously poor but my grandmother knew poverty, which meant for her that she also knew how to make the most of a little.

I recently came across an organization that accepts used bras for recycling. The Bra Recyclers (<--click it) is a company that "specializes in the recycling and reuse of used and unused bras."Click on the link for more info. Some bras are donated while others are recycled, decorated and turned into pieces of art. 
Founder of The Bra Recyclers in USA Today.

Currently there is a Nationwide Help Reshape Haiti Bra Drive going on until Feb. 28, 2011. Yes, a bra may be the last thing you think a woman in Haiti needs, however try walking around without a bra for a day or two and see how that feels for you, bearing in mind that you have a choice of whether or not you want to replace your bra. 

You know what a good bra can do for you in terms of self esteem and feeling good about yourself. Have you also thought about how a bra affects the kinds of interactions you have with others? I mean, this is a real study in sociology here. 

I can hear one friend in particular right now saying, "They didn't bring black women from africa wid no bras on anyway." Needless to say I can also picture myself giving him the stare of death.

You may not want to donate your bras based on the fact that you would never knowingly accept/wear a bra that has been used. You may not want to donate your bra because you may feel like it is a slap in the face to a woman in a bad situation.

But looking at it objectively, I can't say that if I lost everything in a fire or natural disaster, had to drop everything and leave an abusive situation, or was living in abject poverty, I wouldn't accept a slightly used bra. You can have the empathy of a thousand saints but sometimes until you are in a situation, you have no idea how you will react.

So take a look (or not)  at and decide whether shipping off your bras goes against or along with the ethics by which you stand.

Stay abreast of The Bra Recycler's activity & events at their blog.

January 18, 2011




January 6, 2011



Take a look at the boutique--> <-- and tell a friend to tell a friend.

Remember, all the items currently in the boutique are made from upcycled materials. We are upgrading the seemingly useless and making it fashionable! Treat yourself or someone you know to a La NomRah creation!

Message me for more info on:
- Custom orders
- International Orders
- Personal deliveries within the NYC Area

Thank you from La NomRah!

[Respect your divinity!]



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