February 10, 2011



Love is in the air! Honestly, this is as good a time as any to reflect on how well you have been loving yourself... like actually LOVING YOURSELF.

Have your actions been aligning with your goals? Have you been elevating like you said you would for 2011?

It's also a good time to reflect and appreciate the love in your universe that is being directed towards you. I'm not good at staying in touch, but I keep the people that I care immensely about in positive thought and energy. I pray for them, wish for them, or write something positive in my journal. Sometimes I am fortuante enough to add them to my "Thankful for..." list over and over again.

The past year I have met some really great people, lost touch with some fabulous ones, and rekindled with some lovely ones.

I have also been fortunate enough to have people placed in my life who have supported me, shown me love, given me direction... and I mean it when I say THE MOST UNLIKELY PEOPLE have come through for me. 

Some of them have inspired me from afar, offered words of inspiration, been a refuge for me when things could have been better, and been a mirror for me to see myself more clearly.

So because I have felt so much love I felt like I should share it with you.

February 10 - 17 I will be offering 15% off everything in My Etsy Store. So elevate your ecofriendly fashion steez, treat yourself or a loved one like a queen and get them some ear candy.

Geeks, African goddesses, hipsters, fashionistas... something for everyone.

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