February 3, 2011

Oh Mr. Sun...

The sun controls everything (deeeeep).  I don't mean it in a solar system, day and night, relation to the moon kind of way.

I mean If the sun doesn't shine I literally cannot get new things into my Etsy boutique.

Because natural light is THE best by which to photograph, if I am not able to get some photos in within that 2 hr window that there is sun coming through my apartment window, I'm essentially screwed.

I respect the sun. As an island girl now stuck in the mire and muck that is the winter, I appreciate the sun. I know what good sun can do for the mind, body and spirit. I'd be lying if I didn't tell you this experience has given me a new found reverence for how connected the universe is even when we don't see it.

Who's ready for summer????

Some Eco-Vert goodies to be added to the boutique soon! mira, mami! mira! http://lanomrahdesigns.etsy.com

So until I am able to master the assembly of a light box... I submit to the mercy of the sun.

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