April 11, 2011


Hi Lovers!

I was tweeting a few minutes ago when this (and another) blog post came to me. I am 9 months into what is now La NomRah Designs... a long way to go, but I've come far from the sub-par jewelry I started out making. I say subpar because besides obviously not knowing what in the world I was doing...well, I didn't know what I was doing! lol. I lacked proper materials, so I did what I could with what I had. Also the pieces weren't necessarily my aesthetic... as a creator/artist you have to be able to stand behind and stand up for your art.
blurry pictures

poor teddy never stood a chance:(  

But the positive side is that was time well spent learning & improving on techniques and skill.

Needless to say I believe I have found my niche with the type of ecofriendly accessories I design. I feel great about this. Why? A few months back, someone who was to become a dear friend and mentor of sorts argued with me that life is that much easier when you know what your goal/purpose/desires are. I argued that that may be true but sometimes it is about the jewels along the journey, and the journey has the ability to grow organically into the path that leads to the destination/goal. 

Well that may be true but I'm not afraid to say that he was right. Maybe we both are correct, but it goes without saying that with a goal/purpose in mind, the lessons along the way could become that much more useful because you begin to apply them in a focused and purposeful way. You integrate it into your journey as a matter of development, and progress toward your goal.

La NomRah has a long way to go but I know where I want to take her

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