April 5, 2011

La NomRah Lessons

As per my post on gaining direction (here), lessons/mistakes are like the traffic cones and roadsigns of gaining direction. Like I said before I am yet to reach my goal! However I thought I'd share a few of the jewels that I got along the way and tag them La NomRah Lessons here and #lanomrahlessons on twitter. So here goes.

  • Patience is Key! Rome wasn't built in a day, and your business or goal won't be either (unless you have tapped into some super human power that we could all benefit from knowing about). I have a tendency to be patient & understanding with others and take the opposite approaches toward myself and my efforts. No bueno! Some things take time, there will be lulls and spurts. Bottom line: Don't be in a rush to go somewhere you are not prepared to be.
  • Have a vision & believe in it! For a while I was just doing things for the hell of it, and while those things gave me experience and helped improve my skills, I had no idea what I really wanted to do with them. Once I realized I was onto something my compass got a little direction but was still a bit unsure and wavering. After reading The Secret and now The Master-Key to Riches (TMKTR), I've learnt how to give power to what I by using concrete techniques like visualization. When you begin to see/feel/hear/taste yourself in the success there is nothing anyone can do or say to take your desire away from you. Bottom line: If you don't believe in what you want and do something about it, no one else will.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people/ people who believe in you. A quote from TMTKR says it best: 
"The discriminating person who has a definite [. . .] purpose in life chooses with great care the types of minds with whom he associates most intimately because he recognizes that he will take on a definite portion of the personality of every person with whom he associates."
If this is true, then wouldn't it make sense to surround oneself with people you can learn from AND people who believe in you? People who encourage objectivity? Why would you not want to take on more of "believing in yourself"? Bottom line: Socialize in a hive of positive energy.
  • Never make guarantees based on variables over which you have no control. A valuable lesson! I guaranteed a client that her purchase (shipped on a Monday) would arrive in time for a Saturday wedding when shipped Priority mail (2-3 days) (within the same state no less). I was wrong. Despite my past experience with Priority Shipping and on time arrival, I have no guarantee that when they say 3 days, the package won't end up sitting in a sorting facility for 2 extra days. This is a great lesson because it caused me to reflect on other areas of my life where I have based my decisions on an uncertain or unreliable entity; one whose actions or decisions at the end of the day are least concerned (if at all) with my wellness or the wellness of anything important to me. Bottom line: Guarantee based on what you know to be true, i.e. what YOU can/cannot do or what you are willing/unwilling to do. 

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