June 28, 2011


Peace & Love beautiful people!

What's going on? I hope that peace, love, & prosperity are raining down on you all day every day!

I've recently been struck with feather mania! And this thing sure beats the flu :-) It's summer & I'm a girl from the tropics so the vibrant colors are reminders of where I grew up. They make me happy about my history and remind how blessed I was to have had the upbringing that I had.

Crisp blues like the Caribbean ocean, electric pinks & reds like the flowers, bright yellows like the inside of a ripe golden apple or skin of a hog plum... annnd now I'm fiending for some island fruit. :-)

I was inspired to make some dainty & colorful feather earrings. Not too over the top but perfect for a weekend look or to add a lil bohemian or island girl essence to an outfit. Just added these to the Etsy boutique.

And a sneak peak at some that I will be adding soon:

So what do you think, lovers?

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