June 29, 2011

Reasons: The Earth Wind & Fire Experience

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Earth, Wind & Fire live in Concert at the Beacon Theatre on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
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They. Were. Awesome.

The group is now celebrating 40 years in the business and let me tell you, it shows (in a good way)! Three original members from the group performed (Philip Bailey - vocals & various percussion; Verdine White - Bass & Ralph Johnson - vocals & various percussion) along with a band of equally supremely talented instrumentalists and vocalists. I was impressed. Not just with the three OG's but the supporting cast of the band. Every single one of them killed their solos (as they should have).
Taken from http://westend.broadwayworld.com

No opening acts. No intermission. Just 2 hours of pure funky R&B fantastical-ness. Can we just talk about how Philip Bailey's voice is still so flawless? Verdine White's energy on the Bass is insane... and his mini strip tease at the end of the show was the kind of thing you just can't make up. Did I also mention that he was wearing one of his very bedazzled and be-tassled jeans from the 70's? Awesome sauce, I know.

They rocked it! By the last few songs the entire audience was on their feet and jamming... hard!

This wasn't really supposed to be a review post (still isn't). But I did have a few thoughts to share from this experience:

  • With out EWF alot of these acts calling themselves artists would have nothing to live up to. This group has won 6 Grammy's, is a Rock & Roll Hall of  Fame Inductee & have numerous multi-platinum albums. I mean, the proof is in the pudding.
  • EWF music is what love sounds like. Have you heard the chord changes, cadences, riffs of the bass & harmony in the vocals? If that ain't what love sounds like... maaaaan shoot.
  • I was in the balcony, and V. White's Forehead was bouncing some serious light off it. He gave me hope that my big, shiny forehead will be welcome along on my journey to greatness.
  • If you are planning on dating a white guy (or any race for that matter) in the future, EWF can help you in the process. See, I was observing my fellow concert goers and everybody up in there had rhythm! So I'd say if the next guy you plan to date (of a race stereotyped for lack of rhythm (yes I am aware I am playing into the stereotype by saying this)) find out whether or not he listens to and enjoys EWF. If he does, this is like a 99.9% indication that he will not be an embarrassment at the company party.
  • The person who wins my heart must appreciate the beauty in music like EWF, and be more than willing to share in the experience with me.
Remember: Shine your light so you can see what your life can truly be!

Peace & Love 

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