August 31, 2011

La NomRah Eco-Living: Smoothie Love

Hello my beautiful people!!!

It's been a while! I hope everyone has enjoyed the summer as it is already AUGUST 31st!!! (where the freak the did the time go?) And I hope that you all survived Irene in good health - mind, body, and soul.

As you know, many day's this summer have been as hot as Satan's butt crack. One of my go to beverages to beat the heat is a smoothie! I love smoothies because:
- they are easy to make
- with the right boost(s) e.g. protein, bee pollen, spirulina, wheat grass etc., a smoothie can sub a meal.
- you can make them to your hearts desire. lactose free or not, and you can put damn near any fruit or vegetable in the blender/ juicer.
- you can be as adventurous as you want to be.
- it's a great way to get rid of over ripe fruit. (no one actually likes a mushy banana, do they?)

To make my smoothies I use a regular 4 speed blender. You know the ones with options like Chop, Stir, Food processor and Ice ____. The labels vary, but the point is you don't have to get fancy shmancy.

Today my smoothie consisted of:
- 2 bananas
- 3 strawberries. Weird, I know, but these were the ones that needed to be used... plus I had
- half pint of blueberries
- 1 sour ass orange. juicy, but too sour to eat.
- 1.5 handfuls of spinach. I have small hands :-S ... like really really small hands... and I don't do well with measuring utensils becasue I never feel like the amount is right. So use your discretion.
- 6 - 8 Ice cubes

Non Dairy option:
Sweeten to taste with Agave, Honey, or your fave sugar free syrup.

Dairy Option: 
- Plain Greek yogurt. My brand of choice is Fage... the others taste weird to me but try 'em out. I usually add about 3 large dollops from a table spoon into the mix and blend. This may be excessive for some but when I go dairy, I go hard. Also with this much yogurt this recipe can make about 3-4+ servings. I do this on days when this smoothie is about all I plan to consume through out the day.

- I am not ashamed to say that I also add Vanilla flavored coffee creamer to this mix to kick it up a notch. You can go with the kind with Splenda if you are worried about zee sugar (International Delight, Coffee Mate & Bailey's Coffee Creamers are my current drug....I mean Creamers of choice)
- Ginger is God's gift to the smoothie lover who can't live without a spicy kick in everything they consume. You probably want to deal with the ginger separately (grate or blend) separately... unless you are cool with the pith and ginger fibre. I personally don't mind it... or I'm often too lazy (PC version: pressed for time) to give ginger any special treatment.

Try freezing your berries before use. It reduces the number of ice cube's you'll need for the same chill. And your smoothie will be smooooother. lol.

Add your fave boost to the mix and there goes your meal!

Glass jars are excellent for storing the unused portion of your smoothie until you get around to nomnomnom-ing it down! They are also great for serving... they add some character to your treat. SO save your next glass jar from your spaghetti sauce, mayonnaise or bouillon paste - wash it clean and VOILA!!!

August 11, 2011

La NomRah Update

Hi lovers,

It's been a while but if you have connected with La NomRah via another social platform you probably know that I have been updating the shop. It's been a slow process... well slower than I would like. This is partly due to my imagination running off into the sunset, in search of a story about each piece I make.

So new in the Shop is... The Exes, an eco friendly necklace that can be worn at least 6 ways!!! O_O .... I know! Amazing right? lol. 

The Exes Necklace is hardly about your last love interest, unless a vertex broke your heart. Looking at this pendant one should feel as though you have been sucked into a vortex, and transported through a whirlwind of angular particles of colorful other-worldly elements! Of course, if you feel none of these things it's quite alright. No pressure!
Large neon green triangles, red triangles, and thin orange obelisk shapes are layered a top a back ground of black & white.
This necklace is one from my line of Conversible neckwear. It won't talk back but it WILL start a conversation :) The necklace can be worn at varied lengths AND it can be reversed to be worn on the other side. It's like 6 necklaces in 1!
It is also designed to be worn at three lengths (as seen in the photo), however you can hook the clasp into any link on the chain to achieve your desired length.
There are loops/jump rings on the The Exes which allow you to pass the chain through them to double the chain, or pass it across the top of the pendant to clasp it on the other side, or just wear it long.
The sample in the photo has a black & white overlay design on the BACK. You may change these color options at no cost if you like. Available colors: white, black, grey, purple, turquoise, red, royal blue, orange, teal just to name a few. 


and The Exes earrings:

I don't wear the earrings and chain at the same time because they are both so bold and make a statement., but no reason why you can't :-).

Some people don't care about the "theatrics" behind the creating but I hope that some people do. I always like to read either a bit of history about an artist or his/her process, a history of the work, a glimpse into the artist's mind or a behind the scenes.

How about you? Are you more inclined to fall in love with something if there is a story, or a behind-the-scenes glimpse??


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