June 29, 2013

From Good to Baaaddd Ass Kicker Circuit Work out

Hey loves,

Every Wednesday/Thursday I go to the park & do circuit training with an awesome workout partner that I met through a Facebook fitness group for women only called From Good to Baaaddd. It's a safe space and supportive community with women at all levels and at different points in their fitness journey. No men allowed because we post pics and speak about lots of health concerns specific to women. This group gave me the motivation to get up, take control of my life and take fitness seriously.

If you're interested in joining shoot me a message. But anyways, this week my workout partner couldn't make it so I had to get my juices flowing and create a workout for myself. Below is the result. Feel free to download & add it to your regimen and let me know how it goes. Also feel free to adjust for your level of fitness, just remember to go hard!

June 17, 2013

Dope Sh!t: The Largest Tiny Apartment in NYC

I often fantasize about remodeling shipping containers and making a home out of 'em in a very near hippie future of mine. 
Photo taken from www.quik-build.com

Photo by Jack Thompson via design-milk.com

However the video below took my fantasies of eco-friendly living to a whole new level. My mind was blown the first time I saw this video. 

I am so down for this from an ecofriendly and efficiency point of view. However, I can't help but think how laborious it must be to be that neat allll the time. The space is so precisely designed that there isn't really "room" to forget to put something back. If you forget to make the bed you lose your workout space & entertainment space.

I showed this video to a few people and one in particular was concerned that a drunken night returning to this apartment would make for an interesting story, especially if you get a little disoriented as to the difference between the toilet seat and the privacy seat.

This space is definitely for the person with an acute affinity for detail and ... to be politically incorrect, always having their shit together. That person is also probably aroused by the act of putting everything back after use. I'm just saying.

Could you live here? 


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