June 3, 2013

#SexyShred Cycle 3: Let It Do What It Do

Hey Lovers!

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen, and probably became very annoyed by, my tweets about #SexyShred during April & May. Well don't hate... appreciate and let yourself be educated lol!

Initially I got involved with #SexyShred as a prize sponsor c/o La NomRah Designs which I was happy and excited to do because 1) I saw the positive feedback from participants of previous cycles 2) I have a great respect for Feminista Jones 3) the challenge aligns with LND's mission to have everyone tap into and pursue their best selves in every way possible.

As the registration deadline drew nigh I decided, "What the hell... #Minuswell..." So I signed up to participate. Honestly, I had been struggling to maintain some consistency with a gym/workout routine. I'd go hard for 3 - 5 weeks and then hit a plateau and become disinterested, get sidelined by the "joys" of being a woman anatomically, or totally lose motivation. The hiatus typically lasted for 3 - 5 weeks - a vicious and stupid cycle that saw me put in work and then completely undo every stitch of progress.

Absolutely ridiculous! Especially when I think about how accomplished and good I feel about myself when I look in the mirror and see my ass aspiring to be somebody!!

I signed on with the idea that the challenge would be a good way to embrace discipline and structure a.k.a General Goal #1. My other goal for the challenge: Give my shadow an ass. Really... all I wanted was to look at my shadow and see a booty in it. I expected byproducts of these goals to include increased strength, endurance, and just over all feeling good. And I did set more specific goals to make sure I'd see those byproducts manifest. I had no attachment to weight loss because I don't mind building muscle to replace fat. According to some of my hatin' ass relatives, I can't really spare a pound to lose, lend or give away -__-.

But wait... What is #SexyShred? #SexyShred is a social-media based/hosted fitness and clean eating challenge that was created by Feminista Jones (currently a.k.a the Feminist MILF). The challenge runs for 4 weeks. Participants are provided with in depth information on clean eating and exercise. As such you will have to acquaint yourself with reading. Ambassadors are available to answer questions and support, as well as the community. The fee to sign up is $7.50 for newbies and $5 for veterans. Simple! I mean... if you need more information just visit FJSexyShred.com, or stop by the #SexyShred hashtag on twitter.

What I can say is this... it is a challenge! But hey if it weren't, it wouldn't yield results. You will receive support, guidance, and lots (I mean lots!!!) of information to get you started and educate you on what is ahead.

Before #SexyShred clean eating was a mystery to me. I tried "clean eating" once before and it did. not. go. well. I went on this 7 day clean eating detox mess that ended up with me making a huge ass pot of salt free soup (what????) ... to eat for 7 days (o_O). Did I mention how much I detest soup? Oh. Well by day 3 I had barfed up all the nothing I had been eating... and then some. Pffft.

Pan Seared Tilapia, Quinoa w/ Carmelized onions, Spicy Honey glazed carrots and avocado ... and a piece of Mahi Mahi that I probably should've left off the plate since I had already murked it that far.
That didn't happen on #SexyShred because the team is so thorough, all the info on what I'd be doing and how I'd be doing it was provided.

But anyways I ain't here to sell you on #SexyShred... nor spill any secrets. However I do encourage you to take the challenge and commit to being better for you!

 I just wanted to share my experience - which was excellent (everything outside the sugar withdrawals... excellent). I'll be doing it again!
  • My skin has cleared up. During the challenge the days leading up to my menstrual cycle, which are usually laden with breakout after breakout, I had 1 or 2 noticeable pimples. (There were also good changes in my menstrual cycle, ladies if you have questions I'd be happy to answer.)
  • I lost 7 lbs overall. I don't know where they went or where they came from... but it happened.
  • There's more definition in my arms and back
  • Stomach and thighs have slimmed down considerably. Pants that were previously cutting off my circulation now fit well. Pants that couldn't get past my glorious thighs actually fit now ;-). And last but not least....
  • My ass has liiif-tehhhd *John Legend voice*
The mantra for #SexyShred is No More Excuses. It's perfect for those of us who can't seem to stick to "the fitness", or who've been trying the same thing over and over to no avail. Many of the changes I made during the challenge have stuck and more importantly I feel more informed about what I consume and how it affects my body.

So... Without further ado I'll reveal my before and after pics, in which there may not appear to be a significant difference. However, my ass is tighter, sits a lil higher, and is appearing in my shadow. Sooo there's that!


PS. If you have any questions about my experience I'll be happy to answer just leave your question in the comment section. :-)

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