April 7, 2017


I received this product complimentary from Influenster for the purposes of testing. Opinions are based on my experience using the product.

For those of you strapped for time,the tl;dr short answer here is... YES! This line is all it's cracked up to be and then some.

For everyone else here goes...

My skin is oily and quite acne prone so I tend to approach new products with a bit of skepticism, particularly if I've found a regimen (finally) that works for me. As you guys may know, prior to testing out this product line I was completely committed to, and generally pleased with my results from the Alba Botanica Acnedote line - I'd basically found my sweet spot high-low combo of Alba and Borghese products. Now? Let's just say that I'd have absolutely no issue switching completely to Ole Henriksen Balance Line. 

You can check out my first impressions blogpost for more details on ingredients in the Balance line. Quick recap: this line is eucalyptus and peppermint scented, plant based, free of parabens, sulfates, & phthalates. Noncomedogenic. Contains a proprietary complex of botanicals called Green Fusion Complex with natural antiseptic and hydrating properties. Contains ingredients geared toward gentle exfoliation, renewal and hydration like Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Beta Hydroxy Acids. Let's hop right into my thoughts, experience and results after testing these products since March 1st.

I'm quite pleased with this Balance line, and the cleanser does not disappoint. I mean really, how much can one expect to get from a cleanser, right? This peppermint and eucalyptus infused oil control face wash is the first step in a regimen that claims to lead to clear skin; and it did just that for me. The ingredients are all geared towards gently but effectively toning and refining the skin while clearing acne, and as with most cleansers is best used as part of a system of complimentary products. 

The size of this cleanser gives extreme bang for your buck. The quality is so high that you only need enough cleanser the size of a green pea to effectively lather up and get a nice refreshingly clean face. I predict this cleanser will last me another 3 months (4 months in all) at the very least, but I think it's more likely to last for 6 months. 

What's worth noting is that after using this facial cleanser, and even after my face has dried, there isn't that tightness or ashiness that occurs when you use a cleanser that is too drying for the skin. My skin actually feels soft and supple. My skin is clearer, with acne blemishes that haven't completely gone disappearing faster with use of this line & product.

The first time you use this toner you may be surprised at how strongly the eucalyptus and peppermint factor into the fragrance. There is no denying the scent. However, what may be even more surprising on the first go is how effectively the toner lifts residual dirt off the skin without causing dryness. After my first use there was this tacky(not the most accurate word)/dewy feel to my skin that I'm not very used to with toners geared toward acne prone and oily skin. The peppermint and eucalyptus fragrance is potent here, and these two create a cooling and soothing effect, however it does not sting or burn the skin. This is a good thing! I see how this product could be easily recommended for acne prone yet sensitive skin. I think this toner will last me at least another 2 months at least. 

Even though I love my Alba Botanica, I find the toner to be inconsistent formula wise, with some bottles feeling and smelling higher in alcohol content than others.

The more I used the product the more I appreciated that this toner was not only cleansing my skin, but actually and factually infusing it with all the goodness it contains AND moisture. 

The ingredients are geared towards refining the skin's tone and texture, clearing blemishes, balancing moisture and oiliness, and brightening the skin. And it did all these things for me. 

People tend to underestimate the importance of a toner in their routine because the see it as an unnecessary or useless step. But if you think about the fact that you don't rinse toner off your skin, and it consequently is allowed to absorb into the skin, this is actually an opportunity for you to get the right ingredients in a toner and boost the effectiveness of your skin care regimen. DON'T SLEEP ON THE POWER OF A GREAT TONER TO BOOST YOUR REGIMEN, regardless of your skin type. Find the right one! Search #theregimenchallenge over at HeyAprill.com for guidance on how to find the right products for your skin.

In my experience, it can be a challenge to find moisturizer for acne prone and very oily skin. This is because most moisturizers that claim to control oil or mattify either don't last past 4-6 hours or they end up causing you to be more oily because they can't find the balance between moisture or oil/shine control in their formula. Essentially leaving us to chose between not enough and too much. 

This moisturizer has found the balance. And I'm not trying to be corny here. Within the past month, temperatures on the East Coast (I've been traveling) have ranged from as low as high 20's to low 70's ºC, and this. Moisturizer. Lasts. All. Day. By the end of the day I have a slight shine, which is more like a glow, compared to my usual (which is basically me looking like I sprayed cooking oil on my face). 

Even though the price made my eyes bulge from my head a bit given the size, I'd have to say it's totally worth it. One pump was all I needed for each use and I'm pretty sure I have at least another 2 months before I need to re-up. 

Final Thoughts:
Over the past month I've been able to go from constantly oily through out the day to barely oily at the end of the day. The ingredients have helped to also refine my texture and tone, minimized my pores, and helped fade blemishes and give me an even glow without lightening my complexion. 

I don't want to sound like an Ole Henriksen evangelical (because while I did get these products to test for free, I'm not getting paid for gushing about these products and I'm not getting sponsored with a free lifetime supply of products... although that would be nice.... SO anyone reading at Ole Henriksen, please holla at ya girl😉). But I was actually able, for the first time in many years, to go out with no make-up and not feel self-conscious about blemishes, pimples, breakouts, scarring, or excessive oiliness. 

I'm not gonna say that it was solely these products that lead to this. I've been working hard at finding a regimen that can bring my skin to a level of health that I could be happy with. I continued to include products like my BHA liquid exfoliant, Borghese Cura Forte and Equilibrio, sheet masks, clay/charcoal masks, and tried a sample of the Ole peel from Sephora. However I'd be lying if I didn't say that I noticed a definite difference with the introduction of the #OleGlow products verses my results with Alba Botanica. 

I would recommend the entire Balance trio of Cleanser, Toner, & hydrator for anyone looking for a more natural, gentle, yet effective approach to addressing acne prone and combo/oily skin. You can purchase these items on the Ole Henriksen website or at Sephora, and there is a travel set you can purchase to try out before you commit. 

Look out for a video review coming soon!


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